Shake finally Up & Running - Not Showing on StationView Map

I recently reconnected my 4D shale to the network and updated its position (seems to have worked in the rs.local page. However I am not seeing it on the Station View Map.

Any ideas? Recent logs attached.


PS looks like it is sending data to shakenet OK :

RSH.RCC45.2021-02-22T15_28_07.logs.tar (3.6 MB)


it’s visible for me:

sometimes CTRL-F5 is necessary to refresh the local cache, forcing the app to get the updated list of stations from the server.


Hi Richard,
Thanks it is visible to me too. Unfortunately it seems to have reverted back to a position I had moved it from. It should be back in the UK and not in Spain.
When I look at rs.local it looks like the shake is in the correct place:

I had some problems in restarting the shake, so it might be related to that. although I am confused as to why there is a conflict between its lat/long positions.

Any ideas?

Excellent, everything is fine now! I restarted and refreshed my browser and the station is back in its rightful location and receiving/sending data!

Thanks again @ivor .

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