Shake Board Serial Data


I currently have a Raspberry Shake 1D with a custom os. I created a program to directly read the data from the Shake Board through serial. I have been able to confirm that 4096 bytes are being received every second, but I have not been able to interpret the data. From your documentation, I am pretty sure the data format is miniSEED, but without the specifics of the format, I cannot decode the location of the header and therefore cannot pull out the information I need. If you could share the specifics of the format and how you recommend reading it, that would be great.

Elliot Huang

Just to clarify, I am a university student working on a school project that requires this method.

Hello Elliot, and welcome to our community!

The data format is indeed .mseed, as you have surmised from your analysis.

We do not provide a mapping for how to read RS output data directly off the serial port, but you can read the packets that the Shake is producing via SeedLink protocol. You can do so via a multitude of different software that is available online, and that we list in these pages on our manual:

Another option, if the parameters of your work/project allow, is reading the output via UDP port output, as explained here: Raspberry Shake Data Producer UDP Port Output — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

I hope these options will be of help in what you are working on for your studies.