Shake 3D problems

Started working erratically on 7/24/2021 at 16:07 utc. Please see attached helicorder image and log file.
After reboot it will work for a short time then stop.

RSH.R0738.2021-07-26T15_31_21.logs.tar (4.6 MB)

I replaced the micro sd card and it’s now working as it should.

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Hello JonR,

Thank you for the logs. From them, it appears that were many errors such as this one

Jul 26 14:38:37 raspberryshake kernel: [26496672.026014] ttyS ttyS0: 1 input overrun(s)

or communication issues between the sensor and the boards on the Shake like this one

|2021 207 15:17:35>>|„U|
|2021 207 15:17:35>>|!„«QÁTIàEÏÔUUXE|
|2021 207 15:17:35>>|”e‹dŧÔEmªQmIIàDc AaEE|
|2021 207 15:17:35>>|!U|
|2021 207 15:17:35>>|1Æ«W\XIЫÔU1•E|
|2021 207 15:17:35>>|!UE|
|2021 207 15:17:35>>|ŠQ|

that ultimately indicated some kind of corruption going on on the microSD card. It could have been caused by a multitude of reasons, such as a sudden drop in the voltage/current.

The solution you have applied, to replace the microSD card is the one I would have advised, so well done, and great to hear that the Shake is working properly again!