Setting up RS4D

Hello, I recently purchased an RS4D | Turnkey - Indoor, Home/Classroom Use, for use in my classroom. I went through the quick start guide (plugging it in to a power outlet and ethernet cable) but whenever I try to access the rs.local site, nothing happens. No images load and there is no option for me to continue. How to a complete the set up of my device? I am using Google Chrome and have tried multiple devices.

Hello dcordie, welcome to the community!

Are you trying the Shake with the school network or with your home network?

If rs.local is not working, can you see the Shake IP address from your modem/router configuration page? Or, with an app like Fing ( )?

If Fing manages to find the Shake, are you able to connect to it by entering the IP address in your browser window or do you get another connection error (or same blank result)?

Thanks Stormchaser.

I am trying to set it up on my school’s network. I downloaded the Fing app on my phone and looked for the address but didn’t see anything that obviously corresponded to the Shake. Though I am not totally sure what I am looking at. What would the IP address format for this look like or is there a name it would get that is something other than Shake?

No problem at all, dcordie.

No, there is no particular format in the IP address of a Shake, it is what your local network modem/router will assign. Fing should show instead of a raspberry icon with an IP address, so you can try to locate it with this particular info.

If you are on a school network, however, there is the possibility that the firewalls are preventing you from seeing the Shake and the Shake from communicating with outside DNS servers.

Ok, I am going to take it home tonight and try in there and I will report back after that. At least that way I can determine if it is something with the device or my schools IT.

It is what I was going to suggest, in fact.

It is our standard protocol to ask the user to verify that the Shake works as it should outside a school/college/university network and then go back and ask the school IT team to take a look at it.

I’ll await the results of your tests.

Alright, improvement. I took my device home, got connected and I believe it is running. I have had it going for about an hour now. It showed up on the home screen for ShakeNet. However it is not in the station view and I am not recording any data from it just yet. I don’t know if there is just a delay or something. The device is named AM.SAD4C.

But it does appear that at least part of the issue was my universities IT had prevented it from connecting.

Hello dcordie,

I can now see your station streaming both on the ShakeApp and on StationView here: RS StationView

Sometimes it can take up to 24/48h before a new Shake is shown online, and we are working to reduce this waiting period.

Perfect! Now we know that the unit works as it should, so yes, I would recommend you to contact and work in synergy with your school IT manager/supervisor to check whether the firewall is blocking the connection to our servers, or if the network ports are disabled.

This is the relative information on our manual, that could be useful for your IT manager: Firewall issues? — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Thanks for your help. Got it all figured out. Should have my station connected (through my uni) in the next day or so. Glad to contribute.


That is great news dcordie!

We are always eager to have a new member in our Shake family!