Setting "my favorite shake"

Our organization has a shake and I want to send the members instructions on how to set the club shake to “my favorite stream” when logging into their personal account. It seems to be set automatically set if you have one registered to your email.

On the My Shake page of ShakeNet (ShakeNet), use this button to pin the selected station to the landing page:

That option does not appear to be available if they do not have a shake registered to their email. For people who do not have their own Shake, what is the best option for them to monitor a specific shake.

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Ah, I understand your question better now, my apologies for misunderstanding. This function is not currently possible, but I will bring this up with the development team. For now, those wanting to access a stream from another Shake can access it by either going to the Shake’s URL on StationView (URL like this: or by looking at it in SWARM (