Server connection R7135

Hi, my new station RS4D R7135 isn’t connected to the server.
It is in the same network as the R7048 that works properly.
Here may log file
Looking your news best regards

RSH.R7135.2023-01-12T06_22_02.logs.tar (1.7 MB)

hello marcogeo,

from the log files it appears there is no access to the internet. this, in turn, means no access to NTP servers, nor being able to make a connection to the Shake Data Server.

please confirm the handshaking and connection with the router, that it is providing the expected pass-through connection functionality to the internet at large and reboot your Shake.

hope this helps, let us know what happens, please.

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Hi Richard,
thank you for your answer.
I followed your instruction. The ping inside the network is ok, but negative from outside.
I try different options with the negative result with respect to connecting RS4D R7135 to the server:

  1. switch off and restart;
  2. connect directly to the router where the R7048 works;
  3. give a new static IP, but on the home page, the local IPv4 does not change;
  4. changed the DSN server without positive results.
    Maybe the problem is in the corrupted log file ?
    How can I reset completely the RS4D erasing the probably corrupted log file?
    Looking your news, best regards

hi marcogeo,

i don’t think corrupted log files are the issue.

as a test, if you can relocate the shake and connect it to a different router to see if there is any change, i would try that. the most common cause of problems like this is that the router is not properly providing its gateway services to the internet. though i must say i find it strange that you have another Shake connected to the same router that is successfully connected, this kind of doesn’t make sense.

re: log files - when you reboot the Shake, the log file /opt/postboot.log is always started anew, and the previous version appended to /opt/postboot.log.old.

hope this helps,