Server Connection Problem


I am having a problem with Server Connection. We’ve already restarted our internet connection several times but ended up the same. Can you please analyze the logs for me. Thank you very much!

RSH.R050E.2024-05-24T01_47_29.logs.tar (4.0 MB)
RSH.R061D.2024-05-24T01_48_03.logs.tar (3.6 MB)
RSH.RE7F4.2024-05-24T01_51_25.logs.tar (4.3 MB)

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Hello waw0102, and thank you very much for the logs!

For all three Shakes, it appears that, while they manage to find a good internet connection, they cannot retrieve NTP time data, as shown below:

2024 145 00:43:30: NTP failed to start

Without NTP services, the time on the Shake cannot be precisely synchronized and will not appear on our network.

You can check the dedicated port

123 [UDP] - NTP, necessary for time-stamping seismic data

and open it on your network if closed.

Also, it appears that the server connection ports are closed, so I would recommend checking again with your local network and opening the following ports:

* [TCP] 
* [TCP]

Once all of these have been checked/opened, you should reboot the Shake again, and they should now be able to connect. If required, you can find more information on ports here: Firewall issues?

If not, please wait for about half an hour, download the new logs, and send them to me to see what else we can do.

Thank you for your collaboration.