Server Connection Off ; Ports should be open

Hi there!

After some time in standby, we are getting our Shake back online at our school. We have a server getting 5m and 24h plots from the Shake, but it is failing to get those. I assume it is because the Shake for some reason is not connected to the RaspberryShake server.

We have data forwarding on and the ports should be open according to the internet team.

I have attached the logs. We would really appreciate any help on this! Thank you always!


RSH.RDDB2.2021-06-27T18_05_54.logs.tar (5.8 MB)

Here is the code we are using to create the plots; both accessing the WWS, one locally and the other through the community server.

`-------------------- MAKE PLOT --------------------
def makePlot():
string, localPath, ftpPath, name = makeFilePath(“10M”)
os.system("java -jar " + directory(“swarmPlotter.jar”) + " -p wave -t -10i -c RDDB2_EHZ_AM_00 -s wws:rs.local:16032 -z America/Puerto_Rico " + string)
if uploadFTP(localPath, ftpPath, name):
registerImage(“PLOT”, name)

-------------------- MAKE HELI --------------------
def makeHeli():
string, localPath, ftpPath, name = makeFilePath(“24H”)
os.system("java -jar " + directory(“swarmPlotter.jar”) + " -p heli -t -24h -c RDDB2_EHZ_AM_00 -s -z America/Puerto_Rico " + string)
if uploadFTP(localPath, ftpPath, name):
registerImage(“HELI”, name) `

Hello Axel,

Thank you for the logs. From them, it appears that the Shake can see our servers but there are problems with the communication with the time synchronisation service (NTP). This may be the reason for the missing data.

To cross-check if the Shake can see and communicate with our server, please login into the Shake and execute the following command from the command line:

nc -zv []( 55555; nc -zv []( 55556

This will return ‘success’ or ‘connection refused’, which will at least be a direct indication if the unit can see the server and ports it needs to or not.

If the return is a connection refused, please check that if the following ports

port 55555 [TCP]
port 55556 [TCP]

are open, and if not, please open them on your modem/router/network.

In any case, also check that

port 123 for [TCP] and [UDP] traffic in both directions

is also open. This last one is the port needed for the NTP time service, and it is required to keep the data synchronized with our network.

Also, the logs seemed incomplete in some parts. Can you please shut down the Shake, disconnect it from the network, wait for around 10 minutes, reconnect it, turn it on again and wait another 30 minutes. After this time has passed, please download the logs from the Shake again and post them here, so that I will have more information to work with.

Thank you.


Thanks for the reply!

I checked the ports through SSH, both of the tests timed out. I guess we’ll have to contact the internet team again.

We’ll shut it down for some time and resend the logs!

Thank you!

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