Server connection not working, What to do?

Hello Tech Support

I’ve recently received a new RS4D Shake unit and am having a problem connecting to the community and sharing data (Server Connection).
The swarm works and I can see the signal in real-time.

Any idea what happened ?
Thank you.


Raspberry Pi Model : 3 Model B
System Status : RUNNING
System Version : [0.18]
Ethernet Local IPv4 :
Ethernet MAC : b8:27:eb:8b:29:42
Data Producer : ON
Data Consumer : ON
Stand-Alone : ON
Data Forwarding : ON
Server Connection : Not Connected

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Hi Yarden,

Try turning off stand-alone mode. I think when you have that turn on, the shake will not try to connect to the internet.


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Thank you very much
It works

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@hcintron - thank you so much for jumping in!

@yarden - We are very interested in knowing why stand-alone mode was turned on. As an end user, what guided you to making the decision to enable that mode? Thank you for your input! We have seen this in quite a few instances so we are seeking a deeper understanding.



Hi Brenden
Sorry for the late response.
In any case, we are just now getting to know the RS4D.
“Stand alone” was triggered with lack of understanding, when you want to turn on something, sometimes putting all the switches on makes sense.
Thanks so much for your attention.

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