Server connection - not connecting RC0AB RBoom

  1. Detailed description of the issue:
    **No connection to server
    Status shows:
  • When did it first appear? (Was it after a power cut?)
    First appeared while troubleshooting frequent gaps in data. RBoom would collect data visible on helicorder and on shakenet for ~1 minute, then flatline, then collect data again. Forum search suggested itg might be a PS problem, so switched out USB poser and restarted, then would no connect.

  • Is your RS connected to a home or school/office network?
    Connected to a home network Cisco WRT54G, connected to starlink. All other network dependent apps seem to be OK. Speed is 20Mbps down/7Mbs up, Latency 59ms

  • Has your hardware (Shake board, power supply, Raspberry Pi, etc.) been supplied entirely by us?
    Purchased built by RShake. No mods. Never flashed SD card.

If you have bought an Indoor or Outdoor variation from our Shop, the answer to the previous question is likely yes, but any modification or hardware change that was made is essential for us to know to provide the best support we can.

  1. Provide Log Files from your Raspberry Shake - This is very important!

  2. Anything else that you would like to add that could be helpful

  3. Navigate to Raspberry Shake’s web configuration page by entering http://rs.local in your browser.

  4. Clicking on the orange “Download Log Files” button at the bottom of the page.

RSH.RC0AB.2024-05-04T21_31_34.logs.tar (3.9 MB)


Hello Wkwitte, and welcome back to the community!

Thank you so much for all the details, screenshots, and logs you have provided.

Indeed, the Shake internet connection via Starlink appears to be working with no problems as of now, but there are other issues that I can see from all the above, in order:

  1. The device “stuck” in a BOOTING status, with the software not able to see the Shake board:
2024 125 21:25:36: Unable to read Firmware version number off of Serial Port /dev/serial0 after trying for 15 seconds, cannot continue!
2024 125 21:25:36: Is the Pi computer connected to the Raspberry Shake Board?  Please confirm and try again.
  1. Some unusual output mixed in the normal log one, below:
2024 095 21:29:17>>	AQºERa?aoÐe?ASÒ?E!?U
2024 095 21:29:17>>	5SDBQ!UBQ?FIà??ÔEUHE

As you can see, errors are mixed with some ‘gibberish’ that cannot be successfully interpreted (that could be causing the issues you are seeing). My first thought would be to check and see if the current power supply you are using is continuing to deliver a stable voltage between 5.0 and 5.2V and a current of at least 2.5A at all times, as a decrease in power could lead to data services interruption.
I understand that you have already tried this. Still, I encourage you to test yet another Raspberry Pi official power supply (as both errors above are often related to lack of proper power supply) and see if this solves the issue and if the Shake now correctly works for longer periods.

A second check that you can do is to see if all the connections between the sensor, the blue Shake board, and the Pi board are still solid and free from dirt or any other element that could compromise transmission. As usual, if you decide to disassemble the Shake when doing this, please ensure you use proper ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) protection (such as gloves, etc.), as electronics do not like static electricity too much.

As a last resort, and if all these checks come out as positive, then I would recommend re-burning the microSD card again (or using a different microSD) after formatting and erasing all its data/partitions first (you can use DISKPART for this as it is very efficient), and see how the Shake behaves with the newly installed system, removing potential issues derived from corrupted files. I will leave the burning instructions link here for your convenience: microSD card topics

Thank you for your collaboration.