Server Connection :Not Connected

Hello, I connected my shake 4D to a Ethernet cable and im able to get into and see my shake config. How ever, it doesn’t connect to the server so I cant share data. Is there something im doing wrong? In network settings in the ethernet option, i see something called static ip. Is that something I need to fill in? If so, how to I find out the Static Ip?

Hi, can you post the logs from the web front end?

RSH.R918B.2019-10-12T22_50_20.logs.tar (3.9 MB) Not sure which one to send so here is the whole results. Also, i noticed it will randomly not record anything for several hours at a time and then it will start recording again.

Thanks…the whole log archive is in fact what I was after.

From your logs it seems that you started having DNS issues back in March, and you continue to have them now. Did you change anything back in March that would have caused your router to start acting up?

It also looks like your Shake was connected directly to your computer when you downloaded these logs. I am going to suggest you set a static IP, but more importantly a DNS server. Can you do the following:

  1. Connect the Shake to your router, then go into Settings > Network > Ethernet Settings in the web front end
  2. Set the IP to something free on the network, for example
  3. Set the DNS server to
  4. Save and restart
  5. Wait 10 minutes and send the logs again

Hopefully this will clear up the connectivity issues at least.