Server Connection::Not Connected

Hello, based on previous posts with this issue, I believe my IP may have been banned from the server due to previous ISP connection issues. This occurred in early Nov while away on vacation and home network connection was going on and off repeatedly.
I have successfully rebooted the unit and everything looks good locally with Off-Line mode off and Data forwarding on but no server connection.
Ping to is successful.
Ping to Fail with 100% packet loss.
Log file included below.
RSH.R8599.2021-11-24T14_07_06.logs.tar (2.0 MB)

Any assistance with getting my unit back online would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


your unit is not IP-banned. please try the following:

  1. proceed to the front-end configuration screen, SETTINGS::DATA
  2. confirm the Forward Data checkbox is checked
  3. scroll to bottom and select Save and Restart button
  4. wait a couple of minutes and confirm on Home page that the connection to the server is restored

hope this helps,


While the unit was set for data forwarding, I turned data forwarding off and saved/reset the unit. Then turned the data forwarding back on and reset. Cycling the data forwarding off then back on has fixed the server connection issue. Thank you for your assistance!