Server Connection: Not Connected & System Time wrong

I’m configuring my shake AM.R21C3 and I have two problems:

  1. Server Connection: Not Connected
  2. System Time: wrong date, wrong UTC time

I have attached the log files…thank you! RSH.R21C3.2019-03-18T19_23_43.logs.tar (1.0 MB)


your log files indicate that this unit has no connection to the internet, even though there is both ethernet and wifi available. if, by chance, you have plugged this directly into a computer, this will not work enable access to the internet at large.

the unit should be connected to a router on your local LAN. this will provide DNS services as well as allow the NTP program to be able to communicate with time servers. only when NTP is able to make the connection to servers will the time be correct and the data forwarded to the data server.