Server Connection: Lost Connection?

It appears that I have lost my server connection? My IT guy has checked everything on our end and all looks good. Is it possible that it is something on your end or have we missed something on our end? I have attached a log file.
Thank you!
RSH.R21C3.2020-02-17T23_08_18.logs.tar (2.1 MB)


your log files indicate that at the moment, the unit is running in stand-alone mode, which means it will assume no connection to the internet and will not start any services where an i-net connection is expected, e.g., NTP. and when there is no NTP, the data-producer program will refuse to connect to the server since the timestamp for the data is pretty much guaranteed to be wrong. badly timestamped seismic data is, for our purposes, not useful.

prior to stand-alone mode being turned on, (on day 48), NTP was failing to start (most likely due to inability to connect to NTP servers), and before that there was no DNS server to resolve the shake data-server machine name.

if you wish to forward your data to the data server, please confirm:

  • DNS server is assigned by DHCP when unit boots
  • NTP daemon is able to connect to specified NTP servers, defined in file /etc/ntp.conf
  • STAND-ALONE mode is turned OFF, you can do this from the FE-config page at ACTIONS::ACTIONS::TURN STAND ALONE OFF button

if you are on a university network, this could explain the issues you are having. very often, a university will close the NTP ports to the outside world and provide their own NTP servers. it is these servers which should be defined in file /etc/ntp.conf

hope this helps,