Server connection issue


Hi Community,

I have activated the forward data option but server connection has not been established after 1 hour! Attached please find the log files. Any hint would be much appreciated.

RSH.R20C9.2019-08-14T05_23_37.logs.tar (2.1 MB)


hello hadi,

looking at your log files and something is very strange: there is a versioning problem where parts of the system seem to be out-of-sync, in ways that should be impossible, which is very confusing to me.

we have two options available to us:

  1. reburn your SD card with the latest ShakeOS image available for download from here, or
  2. if you are comfortable logging in to the Pi directly and running a couple of commands, this method may solve the problem as well.

let me know if option 2 can work for you and i will reply with specific instructions.

apologies for the inconvenience,



Thanks Richard, I’ll go with the first option and will let you know


well creating a fresh SD card solved the server connectivity issue, THANKS :slight_smile: . Now from rs.local, I can see that everything is “on” and server connection has been established. However the station ( AM.R20C9.00.SHZ) is still “black” on “”. Unfortunately I am out of the country now but my PNG colleague is telling me “Download log files” is not working (502 bad gateway). Any wild guess why this is the case?



Following my previous message, PNG colleague managed to get the log files (attached) and also a screenshot of “rs.local” showing that everything is “on” and “connected”. Any help would be appreciated as always.LLOYDrslocal.tar (2.4 MB)


hi hadi,

first, i can confirm that the versioning out-of-sync problem is resolved, so we can remove that as a possible influence on this problem.

and with that out of the way, the log files tell me that your unit is more often than not unable to make contact with both NTP servers and any DNS servers. this means that the timing was inaccurate at start-up (in which case no data will be forwarded to the data server), but also that the data server computer name was unable to be resolved to an IP address.

at some point a few days ago, both NTP and DNS servers were able to be contacted and the data services were restarted. this resulted in some data successfully being sent to the data server, but not much:

227 06:49:21 - 227 06:51:17
227 23:58:21 - 228 00:08:04

you should have a look at the internet connection from the unit and determine why, more often than not, access to both NTP and DNS servers is unsuccessful.