Sensor information?

Hi for WIN SDR software need couple of input information. I am using RS1D:
Are this information aviable?

Sensor information: Output Voltage?? AMP Gain:?? A/D input:?? Sensivity:??
And Sensor output is Velocity or is Acceleration??

Thanks in advance…


Hi Marco:

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You will find instrument response information here:


  • Technical Specifications Documents; and
  • Metadata - Instrument Response Files - Self-Noise

You can also download the instrument response file using the FDSN Web Services or by visiting stationView, clicking on the station of interest and scrolling to the bottom of the left hand side panel that pops up and clicking on “Download instrument response”.

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OK Branden i am found what i am looking for…Thanks Marco

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Great. If this is something that would be useful to include in the manual, please let me know and send details!

Have fun shaking, Branden