Seismic networks and shakenet


So I have noticed Shakenet uses data from agencies like USGS etc, so whenever there is an earthquake in my region (Fiji) it will show up on my app and connected to my shake as shown below:

However, these are for quakes usually only above magnitude 4. There are many other earthquakes below magnitude 4 that are not reported anywhere except for on this website: IRD Earthquake Details
This website is a network comprised of local seismic stations and picks up many small quakes like the one below:

Is there anyway for shakenet to be connected to this network so these smaller quakes can be connected to my raspberry shake like in the first image?

Thank you.

Hello VS1,

thank you for the prompting regarding the smaller earthquakes near your location. Currently, the Raspberry Shake network is not yet dense enough in this area of the world to successfully detect and fully solve events of lower magnitude, which is why you mainly see moderate to larger earthquakes, such as M4 onwards.

These types of earthquake calculations require a minimum number of stations of good data quality to generate an automated solution. If all the stations provide excellent data, then 6 is the minimum requirement, but, as you also noticed, it can be hard to reach this threshold, so as the quality depends on density, working with less than ten/twenty Shakes would make it difficult to precisely locate such small events.

Maybe, in the future, with more and more Shakes added to our network, this will become a reality. It is surely one of our objectives!