Seismic Event happened on 2 Feb 2022 in Zimbabwe Shake network not recording this event?

Hallo guys please assist me.

On the 2 Feb 2022 there was a 4.2 Mag event recorded in Zimbabwe, but the shake network did not record this event. i went to Dataview and have seen traces that could be a possible seismic event.
Here is link to Zimbabwe event:

Can you guys please investigate.

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Hello jaques,

I looked around, but I could not find a reference for this earthquake via the USGS recent events list. The only source I was able to find was this, from the South African CGS:

Is this the quake you are interested in?

If it is so, then, since the event happened at 03:15:33 UTC (05:15:33 South African Standard Time), and given the proximity of the Zimbabwe station network to it, it would have been seen around 05:18 (±2 minutes) and not hours later at 12:35.

I checked the stations in Zimbabwe, but the usual waveform for a local earthquake does not seem to appear in the data. Do you know if this event has been verified from other local networks?

The CGS did also record this event and rated it a 4.2 Mag

Thanks for the Feedback Stormchaser, but the only other source with a similar event from Zimbabwe was from the Volcano Discovery network with different time and source location.
I was just wondering are we missing events or was this something other then a seismic event.

3 days ago reported felt
Feb 2, 2022 07:09 GMT, Feb 2, 2022 9:09 am (GMT +2) local time
Lat / Lng: -17.79703 / 31.00012: Near Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe
Source: Volcano Discovery

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It is indeed possible that the event was of another nature, and not an earthquake.

I’ll keep an eye on future reports, and if something comes out, I’ll look into it.

Thanks Stormchaser. But can we not go and see if the traces around that time could have a seismic signiture.

Yes, all the stations in Zimbabwe are available on DataView.

I’ve checked some of them, but I cannot identify a clear seismic signature from that event, so, possibly, it was not caused by natural activity, as also the volcanodiscovery page reports.

Ues ibsee that as well. Lets see future references

Hi Storm Chaser tell me is there any form of a booklet or manual that describes the setup and installation of the Raspberry shake units?
Or do you guys have any technical or training manual other than the FREQ ask or help documents found online?

Hello jaques,

Regarding the installation of our Shakes we have the Quick Start Guide, here:

And the “How to install your RaspberryShake” page on our manual, here: Quick Start Guide — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Many other resources can be found in the same manual, if you need something more detailed regarding techical aspects or more power user topics:

Hallo Stormchaser,

this is all good but can you guys not try to make a type of PDF document which contain the Quick start guide in booklet form?

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I will pass your idea to our development team, and see what can be done about this. Thanks for proposing it!

Hallo storm, please assist me in the earth qauke locater feature one can see events that have happened say in south africa where i stay.
Is there a feature that can notify me or create an alarm when event happen in my area.
Cause the vents are already processed is it not possible to notify me.
cause at times i do not make an effort to open my pc or the shaker mobile application. then after 2 days i notice there was an event when do open the Shakenet application.

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Hello jaques, RSUDP can provide alerts after a certain set threshold (that you will have to manually adjust to better reflect the signals recorded at your location) has been crossed. You can plan for Tweets, Telegram messages, and similar applications.

As a note, the software is more advanced than our classic user interface and is meant for advanced users who are familiar with working from the command line and have some basic programming experience. It is also provided as is and may or may not work out of the box, you may have, as they say, to “google” your way through it if you want to realize something particular.

We are always looking for improvements, so we would be glad to see it if you develop something!

Here’s the link: