Seedlink via sesicomp3

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I have a question about the communication between the RaspberryShake server and seiscomp3. Is it possible to build a link on my local seiscomp3 using Seedlink/Slarchive? For example, I can get the data of IRIS from its server address. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the data for my RS?


Hello gaposadar, welcome to the community!

Let’s see, yes it is possible to get data from your Shake in this way, and also in various other methods. Our guide has a very detailed dedicated page here, but I’ll list some of them below for your fast perusal:

  1. SWARM: this is free software that can be downloaded from the bottom of the main page rs.local of the Shake, via the second green icon. Once downloaded, here it is possible to find the installation guide: and here instead the setup to visualise the real-time waveforms (or get past data):

  2. RSUDP: this is also another free solution, developed by the RaspberryShake Team, capable of visualising real-time data from your Shake. The guide can be found here:
    It is a bit more complex to install, but at the same time, it allows more customisation, if needed.

  3. JAMASEIS: again, another free software for visualizing waveform data, and determining earthquake locations/ magnitudes, developed by IRIS. It can be downloaded from here after completing the form in the page:

  4. It is not possible to get Shake data from IRIS, since IRIS does not host any of hour data. However, you can get Shake data into your local SEISCOMP3 by connecting it to your Shake local SeedLink.

  5. Lastly, it is also possible to obtain your Shake data in an easy way, since we are integrated into the FDSN Federator System: (notice FSDN Web Services are used to access station metadata in our network, coded AM), and this page of our guide has the details on the matter:
    On this, remember that FDSNWS supports three request types: event, data and inventory (metadata). We support only the inventory through IRIS and inventory + data (but not in real-time) via our Shake Data Center

If you need anything else, or more clarification, we are available.

Hi Stormchaser!

Thanks so much for you replay!

Dear Stormchaser,
regarding this topic, I’m having problems with the connection to the caps raspberry server. I’m testing the acquisition of real-time raspberry data but even if following the detail in your technical webpages, I’m not able to connect to the raspberry server. I’m using the seiscomp4 seedlink protocol and I have created the user to the raspberry community. Following your indication and those from the seiscomp4 forum ( I’m using this caps address capss://
but I can’t get the waveform…I’m using the right seedlink address? or the right user? any other chooses?

Thanks in advance for your reply,

Buonasera Simone, benvenuto!

The real-time streaming service and CAPS to SC link is a paid service, while the historical data one using FDSNWS, for example, is a free one.

If you are interested, please contact for a quote.