SeedLink Server IP adress

Hi! I am interested in obtaining in real time with SeisComP the data of the following stations: R853C and R279D of Argentina.
Is there a SeedLink server from which I can get that data with SeisComP?



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Hello Ricardo, and welcome back to the community!

Real-time data streaming from all our Shakes is available as a paid service of which you can find all the details here at this page: Real Time Data - Raspberry Shake

We stream real-time to your servers via the CAPS protocol to SeisComP using SeisComP’s caps2sl plugin, which is distributed in SeisComP4 or SeisComP5. We can also support non-SeisComP systems like AQMS, Antelope, Earthworm and HYDRA using the SeedLink protocol.

Since you have already decided which stations you want to acquire data from you can directly contact us for a quote using the form available in the page, and our office will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in real-time products from our network!