Securing a Raspberry Shake to the Floor

In case this is of interest to others …

Living in a very seismically active region I am concerned that my new Raspberry Shake 4D (R83DA) will move around on the floor in local earthquakes.

So I’ve stuck four removable hooks to the floor, and used a couple of rubber bands to hold it down. Seems to work fine, but yet to be tested in a good shake.

Cheers … Neil

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Neat solution Neil. I thought about doing something similar, but worried about the rubber bands picking up sympathetic vibration and transferring it to the shake. I will be interested in what your resting numbers are.

I ended up putting 1 Kg scale weight on top of mine instead, and it seems to work for me.

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That’s a good solution too, @K2PI.

In quiet times in my house, EHZ motion is typically within ± 2.5 micro m/s in rsudp.

Haven’t tried plucking them, but I suspect any inherent vibrations in the rubber bands that might be excited would be well above a typical earthquake frequency. Presumably the tighter the better, for a higher frequency.

Not long after I installed this today, I easily picked up a 5.4 quake 2600 km away, during the daytime when there is lots more human noise around.



Very good! Sure does work, and you will have lots to detect there in NZ!