SD Card usage

Hi,I have a question about the sd card usage percentage,Mine started out at 50% full now it’s at 70%,what happens when it’s completely full? Is there a way to recover disk space?

Hello Dave,

It mainly depends on how many days are to be saved on the microSD card before they are deleted. The default is 7 days, if you haven’t changed it, and when you reach the eight day, the first one is erased to make space for the new one.

To give you a practical example, with my RS1D, I have set 15 days of continuous archive, and my 16GB microSD card never goes above 50% full storage. You have a RS4D, if I remember well, so it is normal that you are seeing a bigger usage, since you are recording four channels instead of one.

To recover disk space you can download the miniSEED files that you have on the Shake via one of these methods: and then you can safely erase them from the archive of your Shake.

Ok,Thanks Stormchaser!