SD Card Upgrade - configuration migration


I’d like to upgrade the SD card installed in my Shake station - the unit has no internet connection so data has to be downloaded manually. As raspberry pi is operating also other sensors, I’d like to save the headache of re-configuring the system from scratch. Is there an option how to create an image of the actual SD card and migrate it to the new (larger) card?

Thanks for your support!

Hello David,

This is a very interesting question! To our knowledge, there hasn’t been a test like this before, with the creation of a clone/image of our Shake OS to be moved (with all its settings already in place) to another microSD card.

I can only encourage you to try to do it, with a clone software or an image replicator one, and see how it goes. If you want, tell us if what you did has worked, so that other users that want to try the same will have a guideline.

Thank you for your support!