Save location information from USB GPS

I understand that the intention of the GPS USB cable is for timing in offline mode situations. I would think that there would be some way to also get the location information from it. I checked out the log files and did not see anything immediately evident there.

My use case: we are gathering a series of points, only at one site for 20-60 minutes at a time. We are using an scp command to transfer data (in my case, using Windows powershell) to a computer. There, we have a python program that extracts the data for each based on the times we were there. It would be nice to also be able to get the GPS location data in a similar manner. I know mseed does not have that type of data, but maybe it is/could be saved elsewhere? Is this currently possible?


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Hello Riley,

That is correct. Our GPS module provides essential timing information to the Shake so that any user can rest assured that the data they record is perfectly synchronized.

Currently, it is not possible to acquire the location information from the data the GPS transmits to the Shake. However, this is a feature our development team is working on, and that will be deployed in one of the upcoming Shake OS releases.

As usual, we will provide an announcement with all the details when the release will go live.

In conclusion, for now, I think you will have to do it in the “old way”, using a second GPS sensor to record the exact location. Your use case, however, is the perfect one that describes why we are working to implement this feature.

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