Sar2667 Asteroid

Some infrasound sensors recorded the Sar2667.

I wonder if also 1D sensors (EHZ) recorded the event.

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Hello 7ii,

Yes, some of our BOOMs managed to capture the pressure wave created by the Sar2667 meteor disintegrating in the atmosphere.

From what I can see (Station View: Raspberry Shake Network & EQ Activity Map) there are no 1Ds (or other Shake models) in the immediate vicinities of the re-entry area (close to Le Havre, in France), and the nearest one is just outside Paris.

Reviewing the data, it doesn’t seem that they have captured anything, but I could have missed it as I only did a fast sweep. If anyone wants to try and see, all the data is always available via StationView ( and DataView (

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This seems to be in the timeframe of the wave arrival, but the frequencies seem a bit too high for the event.

I could be wrong, however. It’s difficult to be sure with so few data points.

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I found this (2 - 8 Hz!) in France:


This is very interesting. Will have to expand my search parameters the next time I’ll work on something like this.

Thank you!