RSUDP Threshold units

Hello Shakers,
Anyone using rsudp know has the threshold value relates to moment magnitud value? Im trying to set up an alarm system and wanted to know what the value would relate to the scale used for earthquakes in my country.

Hello Matiro,

As per the documentation (3. Modules and Settings — rsudp documentation), the threshold value that you set in RSUDP is used by the software with an STA/LTA algorithm on the raw counts real-time data provided by the Shakes vertical channel.

From there to the moment magnitude, it gets a bit more difficult. The definition and formulae of moment magnitude, if needed, can be found here and here.

As many factors affect how seismic waves are received by your Shake, such as installation position, location, type of material upon which the Shake is positioned, soil type and density, depth to bedrock, structural footing, attachment to bedrock, bedrock type, and more, I think that the best approach (that will also teach you a lot about your location) is to proceed empirically by manually testing different threshold and filtering combinations, to find what are the most optimized constants you can put into RSUDP for it to perform as you desire.

We have some recommendations for different scenarios here, so you maybe can start from those, compare the alert behavior to different moment magnitudes, and proceed step-by-step from there.

Naturally, if someone in the community already has a ready-to-use answer to your question, all the better!

I guess ill have to aproximate threshold values as i percieve sismic activity, thankfully we dont have a shortage of it here in chile.