RSUDP not running

I tried to run Raspberry shake with Rsudp but code still hold at line"2021-08-11 06:52:27 [Init] Waiting for UDP data on port 8888…"
Could you help advise, how to setup for continue run Rsudp real time.

Best regard
Jugkrit Sringamphong

rsudp_settings.json (1.5 KB)

Hello Jugkrit,

I have separated your new message so that we can continue on a new post. Thank you for the configuration file. From what I can see, it looks like that everything is in the right place.

Have you double-checked if the IP address is the correct one? After checking this, can you try to deactivate and close the conda environment, reboot the Shake, reactivate conda, and try to connect again?

Also, check if your PC, or your local modem/router, needs to have that specific port opened, or an exception made in the firewall, which could block direct UDP transmission between the Shake and RSUDP.

Dear Stormchaser,

I can run Raspberry shake and RSUDP right now.
Thank you for your advise.

Thank you


Dear Jugkrit,

I am happy to hear that, glad that I have been of help!