RSUDP - datacast from several stations

hi all,
i was wondering if it is possible to receive data through rsudp from several seismographs of the network simultaneously and if so, how should i specify a specific station within the rsudp setting file.
thanks in advance!

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Hello torresdrl, welcome to our community!

At this time, our RSUDP is designed as a 1-on-1 monitor. That is, one RSUDP installation is able to monitor the live UDP stream from a single Shake.

However, as indicated in another topic here on the forum, you can check out this alternative approach:

Also, if you find something useful, please share it with our community, as other users may find it helpful. Thank you for your interest in RSUDP!

EDIT: also, while discussing with our software team, there is also the possibilty to monitor multiple channels of multiple Shakes with the multi-stream functionality of DataView (only, for now, if the Shakes are connected and streaming via internet).

Just go to and then click on the image icon high on the right.

Then, it’s all a matter of finding, dragging, and dropping the channels/Shakes that you want to visualize, and you’re ready to go.