Rsudp & custom (run custom code)

Dear Shake-Community,

I haven’t been able to find examples of custom codes using rsudp. I am truly interested in this feature of rsudp. If I understand it correctly, these would allow me to process the signal with a custom code on the receiving side in near real time.

Anyone here willing to share their code or experience in using and implementing rsudp’s custom code?



Pushing this thread up! And it’s great to see you back on the community Carlos!

If anyone has some custom code that they have written for RSUDP, or know where to access it, please let us know.


Hi! Im trying to run code using the custom module, did you have any luck using it? I keep getting a syntax error with my custom code while being executed by the client, but runs without any problem if if run it separately

This hasn’t been touched in quite some time, but I’m also having a near impossible time getting the custom code feature to work.

Has anybody successfully achieved this?