RSUDP and custom alert script

Hello, I have RSUDP setup and running ok, what I need to do is have a custom script that will write to a text file the status of any vibration/earthquake. e.g. write something like VIBRATION:TRUE if and when being detected and also VIBRATION:FALSE if/when cleared. this text file will then be parsed for its status every 10 seconds or so.

The reason is that I am setting up triggers to use for safe astroimaging with a telescope and have the ability to pause/stop imaging if the detected vibrations are too great and wait for them to pass before continuing.

has anyone done anything similar and can share the custom script? Just asking to save myself some time in creating this functionality?


Hello Andrew, welcome to our community!

This would be a very interesting add-on for RSUDP (and it involves astronomy too)! If you manage to find something, or someone on the forum has already created a similar extension let us know!