RShake - negative values on E axis in jAmaseis

Dear Support

Since the first day I am running my Shake with jAmaseis, I recognized that the values of the East axis are negativ. First I thought I might have reversed the connectors on the geophone and reversed them, same effect.
It can be nicely seen, especially when the device starts up after a power outage.

In helicorder, all seems to be fine. Is this a jAmaseis or Shake problem?

Many thanks

Hi @jochen.richert !

I am looking at your data in Swarm and everything looks great. Lots of earthquakes in the last 24 hours.

If you are concerned about polarity, which is what I think you are getting at here, please see the notes here in the geophone section:

Yours, Branden

Hi Branden

Yes, that is what I ment. But I already swapper the polarity and still have the same negative value reading. I will test that another time, when I have the device open again, probably I messed it up but swapping it two times or so…
Would it make sense to offer a kind of SW switch for polarity change?


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@ivor what are your thoughts on that?