RS4D Station R8224 Not showing up in station view

  • What is the problem you are experiencing?
    Just unboxed our RS4Ds and its showing no connection to the server. We set these up on 9/30/2023 (Last Friday) so that they could sit the 24 hours that it might take to show up. These are still not appearing on the station view.

  • When did it first appear? (Was it after a power cut?)
    Its never shown up on station view

  • Is your RS connected to a home or school/office network?
    School network, and out IT dept has made sure to check to see if these were being blocked and they mentioned that it should all be good on our side.

  • Has your hardware (Shake board, power supply, Raspberry Pi, etc.) been supplied entirely by us?
    Yes. We have the RS4D complete indoor kits

RSH.R8224.2023-10-02T18_55_19.logs.tar (1.4 MB)

Hello whitehead_clinton, and welcome to our community.

Thank you for providing all the details and the logs from your Shake! From them, it appears that when the instrument tries to connect to our data server, it gets a timed out error.

2023 275 17:32:22>>	Connection attempt #1 ( failed with error code: Connection timed out

As your Shake is connected to a School network, it is possible that due to its higher protection and firewall settings, some of the required ports are still blocked (or, as it has happened in the past, get automatically blocked due the Shake data traffic).

Could I please ask you to go back to your IT department with this list of ports that have to be unblocked at all times? Firewall issues?
In particular, I would focus on the status of ports 55555 and 55556, which are essential for the Shake data transmission. Also, it could be necessary to unblock both the Shake IP and MAC address, as some networks require that for it to work as intended.