RS4D: Is there a safe range of temperatures for storage listed anywhere?

I’ve read that the user manual says the shake minus the pi can function between -20C and 60C, and the pi has a lower limit of 0C, so basically between 0C and 60C for the whole RS4D. But is there a greater range for when the shake is turned off?

Hello ded1,

It is a good question, and one that will help us in improving our manual!

The storage temperature range for the Shake system is broader than the operating temperature range. The limiting part of the electronics is actually the micro-SD card that we insert in the Raspberry Pi (the Cactus Technology 8 GB Micro SD card) since its storage limits are -45C to +100C.

Without that card, the storage limits for the rest of the electronics is -45C to +125C. So if you want to use your own case, then the limits are -45C to +100C or -45C to +125C (depending on the memory card used).

Remember also that if you are using an acrylic case, it can become very brittle below -40C.

I hope that this info will be useful to you. If you need anything else, please let us know.