RS4D has stopped working is dead

One RS4D has stopped working and it is dead. I unplugged and try restart but not reboot

What can I do ? If the Raspberry board is fried can I simply changed it fro a new one?

Hello SismosDOM,

Thank you for writing us about your issue. Let’s see what we can do. Could you please check the LED behavior (as described here: Technical Specifications — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake) and see where it stops following the listed steps?

This will give us some details on what is going on with the 4D. Another test you can try is to re-burn your microSD card (or burn a new one, if you have it) as this problem could be related to some microSD corruption or failure. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

If even this fails, then you can try to swap the Rasberry Pi board (the one below the blue Shake board) with a new one (remember that, when doing this, the Shake code/name will change) and see if, paired together with a newly burned microSD, this solved the problem.