RS4D, different scale for geophone vs accelerometer

I don’t see this available today, but would it be difficult to support a different graphing scale between the geophone and the accelerometers? As it is, the accelerometer graphs are completely filled with what I presume is noise, whereas the geophone graph is nicely readable. I have the helicorder scale set to 0.5. Is there a better suggestion? We aren’t particularly seismically active here, but are maybe 30 miles West of Yellowstone Nation Park, so when things happen there, I’d like to be able to see it better.
I do publish my geophone graphs as pictures. UTC Nights have the useful data, Days has us walking around the house, but I don’t bother with the accelerometer graphs.
Thx, Chris


Hello Chris,

I will pass this feedback to our development team, and they will see what can be done about it.

However, to be precise, the accelerometer helicorder will always look as if “filled with noise” as the accelerometers on our RS4D are dedicated to recording only strong-motion (local) events, which would saturate the included weak-motion geophone.

If your area is not very active, then to see some movement on the accelerometer helicorders, you will have to wait for an event larger than the local average, or around the local average, but closer to your location.

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