RS3D - Outdoor - Server Connection Issue


We recently bought 50 RS3D stations (30 Indoor and 20 Outdoor).
We configured all of them, but only the Indoor stations connected to the server can be seen on Shakenet>My Shake.
All the 20 RS3D Outdoor give us the message “Server Connection: Not Connected” (please see the print screen attached).
The full list of the station’s SNs and IDs are the following:

|3Dv8 1346|AM.R7006|
|3Dv8 1345|AM.R6E95|
|3Dv8 1354|AM.R6D21|
|3Dv8 1362|AM.R7045|
|3Dv8 1364|AM.R6E32|
|3Dv8 1374|AM.R702D|
|3Dv8 1372|AM.R7051|
|3Dv8 1358|AM.R6E5A|
|3Dv8 1361|AM.R7030|
|3Dv8 1355|AM.R6D81|
|3Dv8 1373|AM.R705D|
|3Dv8 1348|AM.R7012|
|3Dv8 1379|AM.R7027|
|3Dv8 1347|AM.R707E|
|3Dv8 1365|AM.R6EB3|
|3Dv8 1360|AM.R6E0B|
|3Dv8 1369|AM.R705C|
|3Dv8 1370|AM.R7021|
|3Dv8 1359|AMR6EEC|
|3Dv8 1382|AM.R6FBE|

For your help, I also attached one of the station log files.

RSH.R7012.2022-12-11T09_15_45.logs.tar (71.5 KB)

Hello GeoEduLab, welcome to our forum!

Firstly, thank you for the logs and the complete list of stations that are affected by this issue. From the information you have provided, the Shake boots up without problems, and is connected to the internet, retrieving a time signal to synchronize itself.

I will check in with our software and server teams to see if there is something on our side and get back to you as soon as I have an answer from them.

Thank you again for your order and your patience in this.

hi geoedulab,

there was an issue server-side that has been resolved, your units will be able to connect fine now: simply reboot the units.

let me know if there’s anything else we can help with.


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