RS3D does not update to 0.19 release

I have 2 RS3Ds that I generally use in the field (stand-alone with a GPS antenna). Two weeks ago I connected them to the web to update them to the latest release (0.19). Just one of them did update.
The RS3D that did not update was previously “modified” following this post GPS timing without manual intervention - #14 by ivor
in order to get the timing from the GPS antenna without manual intervention. By the way, after running the fix described in the post, the front-end configuration interface is not working anymore as specified by another user in the above post.
Is there anything I can do to trigger the automatic update and having the unit running properly?
Thanks for your help,

Hello Diego,

Yes, it is possible to manually force the update to a newer version of the Shake OS system installed on the unit.

EDIT: Re-reading this after a couple of days, I can see why the info could seem confusing.

Basically, to force an OS update, all that is needed to do is to reboot the Shake. The programmed updater will search for a new version every time that the Shake is restarted, and since v0.19 is ready to be downloaded, it will do so automatically.

After getting the new system from the network, the Shake will reboot by itself and then install it.

If, for some reason, this procedure will not work, then we will be releasing the updated Shake OS image soon, and you will be able to download it and install it on the Shake by re-burning the microSD card.

Hi Stormchaser,
thanks for your prompt reply.
Are you sure of the command to manually start the update? Should I write down the fetcher with some extension?
Please find attached ls for /usr/local/bin folder

Hello Diego,

Yes, it is what I executed to manually update the one I was testing v0.19 on, and it is the same command that is run every time the Shake is rebooted.

If, for some reason, it doesn’t work for you, then you can add the extension to see if that was causing the issue.

If the upgrade has been completed successfullyt, you will see it in the upgrade.log file in the /opt/log/ folder.