RS3D 3- printed mounting block

I am building my RS3D into a waterproof enclosure with a built-in 12 volt UPS.

As I am not using the standard RPi enclosure I needed to mount the sensors on the enclosure baseplate. I designed this mount in FreeCAD. It has mounting holes for all three sensors in it.

If anyone wants the files I will upload them to thinigverse and put a link on the forum.


Hi @dgoadby

How did this project finish? Would you share with us some photos of your final enclosure?. I’m trying to build my own enclosure but electronics to 3d design are new worlds for me. I think this is my 2020 project!.

By the way, I would really like print your mount block and I was wondering if you could share its blueprints with me. I’d really appreciate it.


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It is now fully operational and awaiting relocation to a new sub-soil vault. Strong winds on the roof of the current building (a stand-alone concrete garage) really upset the reading by creating a lot of baseline noise.

If you drop me an email to I will send you the files and photos. I did upload some photos to the this website but I cannot find them now.

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