RS stations not on SWARM map

We have 4 new, operational, RS stations in Haiti (visible in station view) that do not appear on Swarm’s map: RE87E, RAA21, RA887, R595E. How can this be fixed? Is there something we should do on our end?

Good morning Eric!

Thank you for messaging us on the forum.

The network in Haiti is looking great!

I see data streaming right now for all four of those stations:

I also see the data in Swarm.

I actually was not aware that we supported Swarm’s map widget. I do see that those stations do not appear. @tinotenaz can you look into this?



Swarm is using a fdsnws connection to bring the station locations, and display them on the map.

By default this connection is made to which is an external database of Raspberry Shake, and we do not have control on it.

To be able to see all the stations, and get the up to day metadata, you can change this, and point it out to our server

It is not straight forward documentation on how to do it in Swarm, so you can follow the next steps,

  1. Update Swarm to the last version 2.8.11, although this can work on previous version, I tested this on the last one.
  2. If you are working on an old version, and wants to update to the new one, the only file you need to keep is the Swarm.config, which is located on the root Swarm folder. You just need to copy it to the new version folder.
  3. Open the file Swarm.config with a text editor, look for fdsnStationURL field, and replace it with/or if it is not there, just add the following line at the end of the file, fdsnStationURL=
  4. Save the file and open Swarm and that is.

There is another way around in case you do not like to edit config files.

  1. Open Swarm, once you have updated to the last version.
  2. Select the data source on the left panel, and go to Edit data source the second button just above the panel.
  3. Look for FDSN WS Source and on Station URL type
  4. Save the configuration, and open again the Edit Data Source now select Winston Wave Server and type on the IP Address field and on Port 16022. Save again.

If you wonder why you have to type again the data source to Winston, it is because it is overwrite once you have selected the FDSN WS data source, and if you do not change it, then data will be fetching from the fdsnws service and not from caps.

Thanks for reporting this to us, we try to keep the best quality products for all our shakers.

Happy shaking.

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Thank you for your help. It is working now! Not trivial to figure out — i hope you can post this recipe on the RS web site under SARM configuration?


Hello — the solution you sent works but I have to re-enter both addresses (winston server and FDSNWS) everytime I open swarm. I saved the config file, but it did not keep the info. I then edited the config file and opened swarm: the caps host name is there but the FDSNWS station URL is empty. I fill it out, then the caps host name becomes empty…which I need to fill out again. Then it works for this session, But I’ll have to redo it for the next one. Have you seen this probleme before?


Hi Eric,

not really, I have just opened Swarm and it is the fdsnws configure there, then I close it and the config file is unchanged,

could you please tell me which Swarm version are you using and under which SO?

I am using the 2.8.11 under Linux Ubuntu 18.04, perhaps there is a bug on other versions or SO.


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I think I know what is going on.

I have seen in Swarm that it only saves changes to the configuration on program exit. So you need to close the program not by hitting the “X” but by navigating to File >> Exit.


Thanks I’ll try this.

Using Swarm 2.8.11 on MacOS Mojave.



We now include a version of Swarm in V0.16 that has this preconfigured properly.