RS station view map

Plz my best RS team can you stop changing the Gempa/RS map.
First its a map with Volcano Merapi on it, the nice view , then it is a map with streets etc on it, now its bigger then normal before ???

Since i’m displaying the RS on Youtube not that handy coz now the view not include the view that was before :frowning:
And for Twitter , nice promo’s, perhaps if you can google translate some into Bahasa Indonesia ppl from Indonesie would understand more and perhaps will give some bussiness for you, i hope you won’t expect that ppl gonna translate your advertisements haha

Greetings from Yogyakarta
- YouTube <<< YouTube RS station 4 channel view, snatching EQ’s

We LOVE your youTube channel!

It is not common place for us to change the map. This happened once in the past many months. I had the map moved to Open Street Maps for a few hours last week while we repaired our map server (renewed the SSL certificate).



Oke Branden, makes sence, Thnx for reply, all back to the good RS look :slight_smile:

p.s seismic views running in the background, we look at big view coz many things happening here.

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