Rs.local page blank

I’m setting up a second full system to be installed elsewhere tomorrow.

My original WiFi connected shake, R571C, was operating normally, was left running and was untouched. The laptop I use with R571C was disconnected from my modem and connected to the modem I’ll use in the new location.

I’d setup the separate modem plus Shake (RD2D7 connected by ethernet cable and previously tested okay at another location a couple of days ago) plus a WiFi sky brightness monitor that I was configuring. RD2D7 and the sky brightness monitor seemed fine. Data for RD2D7 was displaying on the helicord and also displayed via the ShakeNet app. Happy that this was all fine, it was formally shutdown ready to be installed at another location tomorrow.

On reconnecting my laptop to the original modem I can no longer connect to (R571C) rs.local. Sometimes I get the RShake icon in the browser tab, but the page is blank. For the most part I just get “Were having trouble finding that site”. I was unable to ping rs.local from my laptop using PowerShell, but data was still visible live in the ShakeNet app. I’ve rebooted the laptop and also used another computer. All internet functions are normal other than rs.local.

Not finding any clues how to proceed using the community pages, I just pulled the power from the Shake and reconnected after a couple of minutes. After 2 hours, there was still no rs.local connection but also no data appearing on the ShakeNet app. Pulled the power again :frowning:

This time the data did start appearing in the ShakeNet app, but I still can’t get any connection via rs.local or ping rs.local from my laptop. All other internet connections from my laptop have been unaffected.

Any ideas?

I think your problem is that to use the rs.local name both the shake and the laptop have to be on the SAME local network. Using different modems will give you different local networks.

there is a misunderstanding. they are both on the same network. When the problem occurred everything was back to normal.

In case I’ve just muddied the waters even more with my reply. Here is a simplified version of the situation

Stage 1: Normal operation
MODEM-1, SHAKE-1 (R571C) connected to MODEM-1by WiFi, laptop connected to MODEM-1. Left operating during the next stages.

Stage 2: testing new equipment
MODEM-2, SHAKE-2 (RD2D7) connected to MODEM-2 by ethernet cable. Laptop disconnected from MODEM-1 and connected to MODEM-2. Everything working including rs.local to SHAKE-2. Shutdown SHAKE-2 and MODEM-2.

Stage 3: Back to normal operation
Reconnected laptop to MODEM-1. rs.local no longer displays with SHAKE-1 although data is still being sent and is visible in the ShakeNet app.

Perhaps an issue was created by using a WiFi connected sky brightness monitor (UNIT-2) during Stage 2. This involved temporarily connecting my laptop directly to UNIT-2 and accessing its configuration page on

Hello orez,

Thank you for explaining the situation in such detail. Have you tried the following?

If the rs.local page is not accessible, please try to locate your RS device on your local network. You can find it with an app like Fing (Fing App | Network toolkit and scanner | Fing ), which shows all the IP addresses of any device connected to your local network, or through your modem/router administration page.

If Fing manages to find it, it will appear marked with an icon of a raspberry. You can then connect to your Shake by entering its IP address in the address bar of your browser. It is the equivalent of typing rs.local, and it should get you to the same page.

If not, can you try to see if, by entering the IP address of your Shake in the address bar of your browser manages to display the rs.local/ interface?

Have you also tried to access the rs.local/ page from another device connected to the same network, such as a tablet/smartphone or another computer? Also, can you please try to access the page using the Incognito mode of your browser, to see if this solves the issue?

Thank you for your collaboration.

Thanks so much. and apologies for the delay. I was away setting up RD2D7 which now seems to be running okay.

I used Fing to check attached devices and the only devices it showed were my phone and the router. When I checked my notes, they don’t explicitly state that I’d cycled the router, although my memory is that I had turned it off for the duration I’d switched off R571C (~30min). Anyway, after cycling the power to the router just now, Fing is correctly showing all the devices connected to the router, including the Shake, and rs.local is now displaying correctly.

Again, thank you. It seems odd though that all devices had become “hidden” despite keeping internet contact and functionality.

Cheers, Rob


Hello Rob,

Thank you for the feedback, and no problem at all. Great to hear that a power cycle of the router solved the issue. Sometimes a good old reboot is the key.