Rs.local insecure

I am using Win 10, a TPLink nano mini router and a desktop with Chrome. I have set the nano up as a client but when I type in rs.local I get nothing. I noticed that the lock symbol has a red line through it and that it is considered insecure. How do I give permission to access rs.local?
I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.


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This could be a problem with Win10 not allowing mDNS (Google it).
But it depends on which version you are using.
At one stage I had the same problem as you, but it works OK with my present version: 1809
An alternative is to use the IP address like:, where you can use Fing on your mobile to determine xxx.

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Thanks for the suggestions. However, I am a network idiot. Can you give me some specifics. I still don’t see wht rs.local is considered insecure and how to give it access. BTY I am using Win ver 1903 and have no clue what Fing means.
Should I just try connecting to my main router on a temporary basis?

Fing is an app on your mobile phone.
If you have an Android phone, you can get it from GooglePlay. It’s free.
When you run it, it gives the IP addresses of all the devices attached to your router.
You look for the address for RaspberryShake. It will be something like
Then you type that into your browser.

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Hi, instal : angry IP scanner it is free from here:

Open the program and just press green arrow to start. Then you see IP and RS Local. Just simple.


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Marco, thank you! I found the device IP and am up and running.

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