RS.Local/ Can not be reached

Hello good morning.

I disconnected and moved my raspberry shake from myclassroom back to home for Christmas break. When I connected my shake and try to log onto rs.local I get This Site Can Not Be Reached. The Blue and Orange solid LED light is on. I don’t recall if he green LED is supposed to be blinking. It is not thus far. My Shake: R01D2 - Channel: EHZ.

I do have a new router from when I first tested it at home in August-September. but I don’t think that’s an issue because I was about to connect to the router in my classroom.

Thanks in advance.


Hello mcesaire,

Yes, usually it’s non-home networks that have to be specifically configured to make the rs.local/ page appear, but we have had instances where some modem/routers presented similar issues.

If the rs.local page is not accessible, can you please try to locate your RS device on your local network? You can find it with an app like Fing (Fing App | Network toolkit and scanner | Fing ), which shows all the IP addresses of any device connected to your local network, or through your modem/router administration page.

If Fing manages to find it, it will appear marked with an icon of a raspberry. You can then connect to your Shake by entering its IP address in the address bar of your browser. It is the equivalent of typing rs.local, and it should get you to the same page.

After this, please click on the “Download Log Files” button to obtain them. If you can get the logs, then I will be able to try and see what could be causing this problem.

Hello good morning. Thanks for replaying. The Raspberry Icon does not appear. It does show other devices and phones connected to my local network. On a side note I had mentioned on the original post the green light is not blinking. Only a few times if I unplug and plug again.


Well, one was called generic. When I type in the IP address in the browser I got the following: This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Hello again mcesaire, thanks for confirming this.

Yes, the green led should blink every now and then, and if it doesn’t, then the issue may be centered around the Shake OS. I wanted to try to see if there was something else that we could do before this step.

I think that your best option now is to re-burn the microSD card, since it seems that something is not working properly. I don’t know what, precisely, caused it, but this should solve the issues you are experiencing. I will add the instructions below:

I followed the numbered list points to burn the files on my SD cards, and I have not used Etcher or similar software.


Do I keep the microSD card inside the Raspberry Shake while I format it?


Hello mcesaire,

No, in this case you will have to extract the microSD card from the Shake when the instrument is off, and connect it to your computer via a microSD card reader (most PCs and laptops have this port now).

Once it is seen on your computer, you can then proceed with the re-burn instructions. Once finished, simply re-insert the card in the Shake, and boot it up again. The system will re-install itself, and the Shake should (hopefully) become operative, as new.

Unfortunately it did not work. Green light does not blink. And the shake is not picked up by rs.local/


Hello mcesaire,

I’m sorry to hear that. You can try the following to see if the Shake becomes operative again:

  1. Check if the power supply adaptor is providing the required 5.0V-5.2V and at least 2.5A. If you have another around, swapt the current one with this and see if the new one works.

  2. Burn the Shake-OS into a different microSD card and try this one, to see if the old microSD card was causing the issue with the Shake.

  3. Substitute the current Raspberry Pi board (the one under the blue Shake board) with a new one, to see if this was causing the problem you are experiencing.

In extremis, if no one of the proposed solutions work, you can send the Shake back to us, and we will look for the cause in our labs. But I think that this should be considered as the last possible step to take.


Well I think I’m back. I replaced the microSD card but instead of 8 GB I purchased a 32 GB card. That was what was available. So I extracted the data on the microSD card. It seemed pre formatted. I followed the rest of the directions and the green light now periodically blinks. The SWARM appears to be recording data. But the station is Offline on my phone app and when I go to ShakeNet my station is also offline. Additionally I’m temporarily using a USB cord from a portable charger.

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RSH.R01D2.2022-01-02T22_33_02.logs.tar (105 KB)

One last thing for now. What is the proper way or sequence to disconnect the shake device when I want to relocate it? What is the best way to preserve the microSD card?


Hello mcesaire, thank you for the updates and new logs.

I’m happy to see that the station is now working as it should, and live data is being streamed on our services: RS StationView

It usually takes up to 24h for a Shake to be visible again after similar disconnection events, so that is why you were not seeing it immediately on ShakeNet.

When you want to relocate the Shake we advise to shut it down from the rs.local/ interface, and not just by ‘pulling the plug’. Once the interface itself shows that the instrument is off, it can then be disconnected from the LAN and power cables, and safely moved to another location.

Thank you for your time and patience. It has continued to work well.



You’re welcome, it has been no problem at all.

Hello it’s me again. :smiley: So I transferred my shake back ti my classroom after a little over a month at home. I shut down the shake via rs.local and then hooked it up in my classroom. The shake the receiving data pretty much immediately. The at around 9:30 am it was not receiving data. I went to rs.local and restarted it under general right before writing this post. I also downloaded the log. All light are on on the shake, the solid blue, solid orange/red, and the periodic blinking green light. Should I just be patient?

Thanks for your time and consideration
My Shake: R01D2 - Channel: EHZ.

mcRSH.R01D2.2022-02-11T18_12_58.logs.tar (2.0 MB)


Hello mcesaire,

Happy to hear that everything works well from the classroom too! Yes, when an instrument is disconnected and then re-connected after a time, it can take up to 24h for it to re-appear on our services.

In fact, here it is, perfectly live streaming data: RS StationView

Everything else looks fine from the logs that you have provided. I hope everyone, both you and your students, will enjoy it!