RS detecting quakes problem

Hello, my Raspberry Shake (1D) is having problems with detecting earthquakes, there was a magnitude 5 earthquake a few hours ago, and several nearby stations did detect it but mine was the opposite. I put it in various places in my locality and nothing.

Hello jboutet,

It is a matter of location, positioning, background noises and many other factors that can affect the reception of a quake.

I made a comparison between the two shakes (one’s yours) that you have listed in SWARM:

As you can easily see, even the station that detected it had a very low Counts level (max around 600), which means that even for that location, it was detected as a weak event.

In comparison, yours was swamped with local noise, which reached around 1000 Counts at the time of the quake, and thus the event was completely swallowed by the noise itself, almost not appearing at all.

You have, as the spectrogram and the power spectra charts show, a source of local low frequency noise that just engulfs these weak events, not showing them even with basic filtering.

Thank you, so where do you recommend putting my RS system in a building?

You’re welcome.

You can install your Shake in almost any location in your home, under your desk or even in a seismic vault but for best results, install your Raspberry Shake on the bare floor (no carpet) and not on top of your desk. A good location for the Shake would likely be on the concrete slab of the lowest floor, near a foundation wall and away from furnaces, washing machines, air conditioners and such.

@jboutet16 can you share a photo of your Shake?

Thank you!


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Here you go.

This is where I had it because I have the ethernet cable in this place. If there was another way to have the Raspberry in another place, I would have put it in a very closed and isolated place.

Thank you

Can you send a photo of the RS inside the can? Thanks!