RS&Boom System Status Boot Time


Recently, when I started booting up the shake I started noticing that the “System Status” would display “BOOTING” for an extended period of time. Usually around 18 to 20 minutes. The wait time isn’t much of an issue I’m just curious as to why it take so long for the everything to boot?
I’m also interested in why the producer and the consumer display “off” after the second or third reboot. I assume each reboot they would be initialized, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is there anyway to monitor this process other than viewing it through the web interface?


can you send along your log files, downloadable from the Home page.

in my experience, when the system takes that long to boot, it’s usually because it is waiting for a successful connection to an NTP server, since without good timing, the data isn’t really useful. you can see if this is indeed the problem in the log file /opt/log/postboot.log

eventually, this wait will time out and the system will continue on its way, with or without NTP.

as for the data producer and consumer processes being sometimes OFF, i would need to see the log files to investigate this further.

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RSH.R9E82.2019-12-06T02_09_13.logs.tar (1.5 MB)

I want to deploy the shake as a headless device, so at some point I’ll be connecting a RTC to the pi to correct for the timing issues. Is there a way to disable the NTP server connection and still maintain the function of the shake?


there is indeed a stand-alone mode where there are no expectations that you have access to the internet. please see the manual describing this here.

looking back in the postboot.log.old file, i see that stand-alone mode was indeed implemented at some point. is there a reason this was turned OFF back on day 2019.325? when it was ON, boot sequence completed in 8 seconds.

as for the data producer and conumser programs being OFF, i suspect this is due to the system waiting for the NTP service to resolve, where the data processes are not started until this happens.



I was still getting use to the shake at that time, and I guess I might have forgotten about this feature. Thanks for the help!