RS&BOOM for human noise

I am ready to upgrade my Michigan Stadium RaspberryShake to a BOOM version if human noise is tracked. I already get the local motion from the RS part (my “Michigan Magnitude”), but wonder about noise. I don’t expect that atmospheric pressure variations are produced, but then I know little.
Suggestions, insights?

I’m not sure what you’re getting at or what you expect, but here’s a portion of record from a RS1D (lower) and a Boom (upper), showing the response to me starting to prepare breakfast in a separate part of the house. Does the Boom signal show anything that is not in the RS1D signal?

The Boom will pick up any audible stadium noise from 20-40 Hz (plus infrasound below that). I don’t know exactly what will produce vibration in this range except for tubas and trombones, but having never tried it, I am sure there are other sources you’ll be able to identify.

If you put the BOOM inside a building then all sorts of things impacting air pressure will show up - such as opening and closing doors, start/stop of air conditioning, etc. Machinery such as compressors and especially ventilating fans will also be visible. If there are motor vehicles or power equipment running around somewhere in the vicinity, you may see the exhaust note from that.

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