RS 4D Continously rebooting

My RS 4D is continously rebooting. Logs attached. I rebourned the microSD, but doing the same.
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RSH.R1396.2019-11-17T20_09_50.logs.tar (4.1 MB)

Hi Mario, we are looking into this. Thanks for your patience.

Mario, can you post your system logs too, if possible? SSH to the device, do

sudo tar cf /tmp/syslogs.tar /var/log/syslog*

and then attach /tmp/syslogs.tar to your reply?

Sure, here they are.


syslogs_20191119_MRF.tgz (129 KB)

hi mario,

after looking at both sets of log files, i don’t find anything that would explain frequent reboots.

since a re-burn of the image didn’t solve the problem, i would suggest, as an experiment, to swap out the Pi (but using the same SD card) to see if there is a change in behaviour. (and, yes, the station name will change.)

often, automatic reboots are indicative of some type of hardware problem. while at the same time, at the time of the reboot, the syslogs do not indicate anything unusual going on that would force a reboot to occur.

the only time the Shake software initiates a reboot is when an update is applied, so this strange reboot remains a mystery at the moment.

sorry i couldn’t be more helpful. but please let us know what happens if you are able to test with a different Pi, and keep us updated on if this continues to be a problem.


Thank you Richard for your replay. I’ll try this as soon as possible.
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Dear Richard and Ian,

First at all, Happy New year!

So sorry for the delay, but as told in precedent emails, I replaced my Raspberry Pi 2 for a Raspberry Pi 3B, and now my raspberryshake 4D is named RA4D3 instead or R1396, but it still does strange things.

It stops sending data to the server, but it doesn’t seem to be a network problem as data is neither record in the microSD (the screen-shots are from mseeds in the card), and at the end it reboots… It does the same thing as before replacing the raspberry…

Please find attached all the logs, perhaps they can help…

Best Regards


syslogs_MRF2020_01_08.tgz (28.4 KB)

RSH.RA4D3.2020-01-08T13_27_13.logs.tar (3.99 MB)

hi mario,

did you happen to use the same SD card as with the previous Pi? i see in the logs that they go back to march-2019, and then have a large gap until the end of the year.

would it be possible to try to burn the Shake image to a new SD card and try again? there is indeed strange behavior going on (especially since the 12 hour gap happens at the same time!), and most often this comes back to SD card problems.

sorry i don’t have any more definitive analysis than that. once you have tried again with a new SD card, if this problem still happens, we will have to look deeper into what could be going on. (n.b., i do see that there are intermittent network issues when needing to access a DNS server that is sometimes not available, but i’m not sure this is the root cause of the gaps you are seeing…)

regards, and a very happy new year to you as well,


Ok, Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, the microsd is the same, I only changed the RS. I Will burn a new INE Next week.

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Burned a new microSD yesterday night with firmware V0.18 and RS4D plugged to the Ethernet connector of a tplink wifi repeater (I couldn’t find I better solution, router is far away). Let’s see now what happen with it… :slight_smile:

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