RPi Shake Died

After several years of use my Shake is no longer working, even after a reboot. I am very familiar with Raspberry Pi’s and I suspect I need to image a new uSD.

What is the best way to do this? Do I need to start over?



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Hello Brian, and welcome to our community!

I’m sorry to hear this, but maybe a fresh microSD burn will solve the problem. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

If this doesn’t solve your issue, then I would recommend changing the Pi board with a different one (paying attention to that, in doing so, the Shake station name will change), to see if that one was at the root of the issue.

Could you also please download the logs (if you can access rs.local/ or SSH into the Shake) and post them here? They could provide useful indications about what is going on.

Thank you.

It turned out to be a failed RPi. Luckily I had some spares. They are impossible to find these days. Anyway, I popped in a new board and imaged a card and I’m back up now.

FWIF, I found the method of imaging shake_os.xz much easier than the conventional method. There was no waiting. Just flash the image and pop it in and it boots right up.

Thanks for the help. It was much appreciated!


Hello Brian,

Happy to hear that, and welcome back online on our network!

I had a similar happening a couple a weeks ago, but in my case it was the power supply that suddenly failed after four years of operation. At least, sometimes, it is easy to point out what “piece” is not working anymore.

Thanks also for the feedback on the image flashing procedure!


just want to add a note that the difference between the two methods of flashing is that the advertised method does an automatic scan of your SD card’s size, and when possible, will automatically resize the Shake-OS image partition to use the full extent of the SD card.

when you use the image directly, if your SD card is larger than 8G, this will not happen and if you want to utilize the entirety of the SD card, you will have to do this repartitioning yourself, by hand.

cheers, glad you have some spare Pis sitting around,

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