RJ45 Connector on IP67 Case

Query is in regards to this case - https://uk.pi-supply.com/products/turnkey-iot-all-weather-home-earthquake-monitor-rs-1d

Do I need mating connector for the RJ45 female connector on the case?

Good morning Chris.

Thank you for posting.

This enclosure is no longer offered. please see shop.raspberryshake.org for details on the new IP67 enclosure. We will contact PiSupply and ask them to update their website.

Yours, branden

Thanks branden, How does the new case offer Ethernet connectivity?

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Buenas tardes. There is an Ethernet cable, just with a new IP67 connector:

Yours, branden

Super, thanks. Last question - Is it possible to stack another HAT in this case, such as a PoE HAT.

Perhaps between the RPi and RS, yes.

But no guarantees that it will work/ not cause interference with the Shake data.