Rick Benson of the IRIS-DMC, USA - we will miss you

Hi all.

The professional seismology world is small. Everyone knows everyone. It is a community where conference attendees still count in the 100s and not 1000s. In such a small community, big personalities stand out- especially ones that walk around smiling from ear-to-ear eternally high on life.

Rick Benson of the IRIS-DMC wore that smile and, sadly, he recently passed away. You can read the details here: FDSN: Thread: Passing along some sad news to the FDSN community.

Rick was always happy to lend a hand and celebrate your wins. I first reached out to Rick back in 2010 when I was a budding professional seismologist working for the IG-EPN geophysical institute in Quito, Ecuador. Since then he helped me with countless bits. He encouraged me to keep working on my businesses, took time to send me congratulatory emails and, as a fellow athlete who could cycle circles around someone half his age (me), he introduced me to Strava early on and encouraged me to keep pushing towards the IronMan competition.

Just weeks before he passed, he wrote this to me:

Greetings Branden, et. al-
The FDSN information for your AM network has just been updated, FDSN: AM: Raspberry Shake
thank you for the clarifications and submission.
From a personal perspective, thank you for bringing seismometers and science into the hands of so many around the globe.
May 2022 be a vibrant year for curiosity, and discovery.

His smile will certainly live on in the many young and old seismologists that he touched. I am quite humbled that he thought so highly of our work.

May his words inspire us to bring in a year for curiosity and discovery.

Thank you Rick.


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